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What Tutorial Online is?

TUTORIAL ONLINE is an EPSS The EPSS is an electronic performance support system, which aims at increasing productivity and the quality of work by guiding the user through the process and giving him proper hints at each stage of the process. , which works in an internet browser.

Actions executed in a browser are monitored on an ongoing basis during everyday work. What is more, TUTORIAL ONLINE gives hints and shows what to click as well as which data to enter.

TUTORIAL ONLINE can lead you through the whole process (e.g. enclosing a document to a policy). It enables right and quick way of working with a program.


Browser plugin guiding through the process

Online consultant

  • TUTORIAL ONLINE takes the role of an experienced user supporting the beginner.
  • It shows him what to click and provides him with important information necessary to understand and complete a certain step of the process.


Web application supporting management

Managing permissions

  • Managing user permissions and licenses.
  • Changing global application settings.


Web application for defining processes
and content loading

Content loading

  • Content can be loaded to TUTORIAL ONLINE with the help of an easy and intuitive web application.
  • Material loaded is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for an unlimited number of users.
  • Additionaly, the content is left there even if an employee moves to a different department or changes the job.
  • You can easily correct and add the content, building a knowledge base.


Remote activation of an appropriate proces on the user station

  • The user remotely asks a question regarding the system functionality on the phone.
  • The consultant remotely activates the function of guiding through the process on the user station.


Direct links to relevant trainings No need
to log in to LMS

Training platform

  • Thanks to the LMS integration module, the instruction contains direct links to the system courses, simulations and video materials, whose content directly refers to the application part, in which we are working.


Click counting, presentation of information
in form of charts, creating benchmarks


  • The statistics module enables gathering information about the elements clicked, the processes chosen the most often, the steps taking the most time as well as the steps that are disabled the most often. The information is presented in form of transparent charts and tables, which can be exported to Excel.


  • Statistics data serve to easily create benchmarks and prognoses for single users as well as for the whole groups of users.

Why Tutorial Online?

Time reduction

Reduction of the time
spent on ineffective
traditional trainings

Time reduction

Reduction of the
time spent on a task

Cost reduction

Cost-Justifying Electronic Performance Support Systems - Michel C. Desmarais, Richard Leclair, Jean-Yves Fiset, Hichem Talbi

Benefits for the user

  • Delivering knowledge/providing skills of working with the system - step - by - step guidance
  • Delivering knowledge about changes planned/implemented to the system – messages in the system
  • Delivering knowledge about the processes that are conducted less often and/or products that are sold less often
  • Saving time for the acquisiton of knowledge – only what I need
  • Usefulness of the knowledge delivered – at the moment when I need it

Benefits for the organization

  • More self - directed employees – they are able to go through the process on their own by using TUTORIAL
  • Active support of the employees during their work
  • Standardization of practices – information and procedures, the same answers to the same questions
  • Storing and organizing the knowledge – registering, storing and promoting best practices
  • Support for complex and multilevel processes

Why We?

We are technologically innovative
We are functionally innovative
  • TUTORIAL recognizes the user role in the system and therefore, we are able to adjust the presented content to the profile.
  • The information in TUTORIAL ONLINE is easy to copy and paste.
  • You can add your own notes.
  • You can remotely update the software on all computers of the clients.
  • The arrow shows where to click.
  • You can adjust the hints to the proficiency level of the user. Every user can decide by himself what information should be displayed.
  • We can optimize the proces based on the central usage statistics, e.g. in case when many users have disabled a certain hint, we can disable this hint for the rest of the users so that they can save their time.
  • In case of many inquiries to the consultants, we can enable the hint globally and consequntly reduce the frequency of hotline calls.
  • Integration with LMS.


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